Deep Water

February 22nd, 2012

I’m afraid of water, can barely stay afloat and can’t bear to be in over my head. And yet, I’m in love with mermaids, surfing movies, and the big beautiful terrifying Pacific Ocean. Coming home to a four-foot mermaid in my living room is always being reminded of hidden depths. Being pulled into the ocean in Hawaii and tossed back up on shore like mere flotsam or jetsam was something I feared and craved at the same time. Does our psyche know the medicine we need even when the conscious mind rejects it? I want to be at home in the water and in the world, but I shy away from what lurks below. And yet, that is what’s always truly calling us — the things we stuff under the bed, the regions we refuse to explore, the glorious sea monsters that are not of this world. The siren song of the soul.

4 Responses to “Deep Water”

  1. ca says:

    Too cool. Must have!
    You are the most artsy productive person I know… Meant as a compliment

  2. nikki says:

    Thank you, Katie!!!

  3. Did you read The Secret Life of Bees or see the film? There is a piece, much like your mermaid, washed up from the sea, that sits in the parlor of the home of a three strong black independent women. It’s where they worship the Divine. It’s what they lay hands on when they need strength.

  4. nikki says:

    I didn’t read it but like the idea of it lending strength.

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