Aging in Place

November 19th, 2010

Everyone I know is aging backwards, getting smoother and more unlined every day. I, on the other hand, am having chunks of sun damaged skin frozen off — thanks to the days when there was no sunscreen and it wasn’t a good summer unless you could “lay out” and bake, covered with baby oil mixed with iodine. I need so much spackling and filling and lifting that it would take more money than I could pay off in a lifetime to look younger. And then there are my Facial Fears — I would love to have the lines around my mouth filled in but what if I end up looking a like a duck or a pony? I have seen both of those effects on women who had their mouths worked on, and that is not the result I’m dreaming of. I wish there a choice between having a wrinkled, rumpled face and a frozen-in-time face. Unfortunately for me,  I believe that is called Youth.

4 Responses to “Aging in Place”

  1. gloria says:

    I love that gel effect on the woman. Makes me want to go in the studio and work with bees wax. I don’t worry about age lines. To me every line I develop in my face is a line of something, sometime, somewhere. Just a part of my life. Have a great weekend.

  2. There’s just no way back. At least that’s what I think, even if I’d like for things to be otherwise.

  3. Grin and bear it, there are plenty who wished they had reached our age, lives gone at too young an age!! Hey! My daughter, Gina is back on Folly Beach today!! She got there yesterday and is coming home Wednesday!She misses Mama Ocean! She’ll be at the Simmons Grade School Tuesday! if YOU’re near!

  4. hippiechik says:

    … every face tells a story… your face should tell your story.. unfortunately for some the story is I had some work done to look younger and…

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