Whenever I read about “aging boomers” lately, the subtext is “old person who is using up all our resources and should be abandoned on an ice floe.” Suddenly my age is anathema. I am a drag on progress, a parasite on society. Forget that I’m still working fulltime, taking spinning classes, using a computer, iPhone and Nintendo DS (okay, that one is stupid), trying to do my bit to fight global warming and mountain top removal and never holding up the security line at airports trying to figure out what’s legal to take in my carryon. I even have a Power Monkey! No, evidently that’s not enough to justify my continued existence (“What, you’re STILL alive?!). Evidently, I also need to admit that the ’60s were stupid, that I was a compulsive shopper, that I was too ambitious and feministy for my own good and that I’m sucking the lifeblood of future generations by having a longer life expectancy. Was I so dismissive of The Greatest Generation, the one that came before mine? If so, it’s probably payback to be the enemy now. Karma sucks, and I can hear my mother laughing about it. No longer hip, only waiting for that inevitable hip replacement that will take up a valuable hospital bed that could be put to better use by a 35-year-old. All I can say to young writers who are blaming boomers for the current economy is this is what 65 looks like, and good luck when you get there because someone younger than you will inevitably be bitching about how your generation fucked up the world. I just wish I could be around to enjoy it. Maybe if I eat more yogurt and do more pushups…

9 Responses to “Aging Boomer Smiles Bravely”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are the most spectacular example of your generation I know! If everyone in your demographic was half as cool as you we'd have no problems at all.

  2. V-Grrrl says:

    laughing my ass off.

    you know, so i don't have to face the TRUTH of this.


  3. Roseanna says:

    Oh, I hear you, big time!

  4. susanna says:

    LOL! Well, this post cracks me up. I'm a Generation Xer and we aren't suppose to care about anything…which in reality, doesn't fit the profile of me or anyone I know.

    As for the 60's…thank god for the 60's! Btw, I was passing by the Macy's windows in New York this past week and guess what?! The Generation of Love, photos of the 60's & early 70's, fill up every window.

  5. donna says:

    I was starting to feel invisable. My mother told me that when you reach a certain age (or are not skinny) younger folks almost can't see you, and you don't seem to "count" anymore.

    The other day I saw something on the TV about how the baby boomers actually make up the greater part of the population now. They even mentioned something about marketers going for this older demographic, instead of the under 35 set. There are more of us and we have bigger checkbooks.

    I am starting to feel visable.

    Oh, fuck 'em.



    I am feeling mighty feisty, which is better than old and invisible. 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear Fridaville,

    I absolutely cannot believe the serendipity of you…of Fridaville. I have sent your blog to so friends! I cannot believe you live in my back door on Sullivans. I recently discovered and it is like finding a lost friend that you never knew you had lost in the first place…… Anyway…It makes total sense….I found you before I knew you were well…you know… I absolutely love you as Fridaville…just stay.

  7. frida says:

    Thank you all for being so supportive…I hate to sound like a whiny old person, but sometimes you just have to vent and stand up for yourself.

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  9. The Gypsies says:

    Where are you – I miss finding new posts when I visit your blog. Come back, please!