After Dark

May 24th, 2008

I bought this print by Olivia Jeffries on It’s called “In the Dark, Do I Exist?” and it reminds me of the time after I turn off the lights at night right before I fall asleep. That’s when all the scary questions sometimes rise out of the dark corners of my mind:
* what if I die in my sleep?
* what’s the point of my life?
* what have I missed?
* what have I made that means anything?
Those are the kinds of thoughts that make me feel as if the scaffolding I’ve built up to give my life purpose has collapsed like little matchsticks and I am a frail thing floating alone in space and time. Which of course we all are. I know those are questions that we all have to grapple with, but the flashlight gives me hope that I can find my way out of the black holes that fear always has lying in wait for me.