Accidental Epiphanies

September 2nd, 2014

frida sept 2 2014

This evening, after a trip to the grocery, I pulled into my driveway with a dozen things on my mind, all as quotidian and earth-bound as the ham and cheese sandwich I was going to have for dinner. Getting out of the car, I glanced up and saw a distant speck of gleaming silver making its solitary way silently across the the pale blue sky. Time paused, I didn’t imagine it. I was stopped in my tracks half in, half out of the car. There was no breeze, no neighborhood noise. ┬áNothing stirred. I watched the plane as long as it took to it head steadily toward the pile of summer clouds ahead and pass from view behind them. Could our lives be that simple and yet magnificent, I wondered? ┬áMaybe we don’t have to trail a banner behind us promoting our many achievements or do barrel rolls to draw attention to how amazing we are. Maybe we can simply hope that by charting our course and and setting out bravely into the unknown, we might bring a moment of beauty to someone watching us pass. All of us, flying with our own wings, gleaming for a moment in praise of our being-ness. Even in the midst of ham and cheese sandwiches.

2 Responses to “Accidental Epiphanies”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this moment into your beauty that you captured like a tiny time capsule. Those are the moments, for me that are shatteringly beautiful, and yet also make me feel vulnerable and tiny at the same time. Your writing is always stirring. Have the loveliest of days.

  2. Amey Warder says:

    I loved checking in tonight and reading yor thoughts Nikki.
    Let’s please spend some time together soon. Coffee at my place? Keep writing..xo Amey Warder

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