A School of Angels

December 11th, 2014

angel web

I’m not a church-goer or Bible-believer, but I’ve always wished I’d look over my shoulder and glimpse an angel on the loose. Maybe a feathered wing tip just brushing past the living room window or a shadow rushing over the ground like an airplane passing overhead. In my mind, angels would be super-sized, XXL heavenly action figures¬†creating shock and awe if you were lucky enough to see one. I imagine their assignments being passed out every morning, their homework for the day covering everything from here to eternity: lost children and lonely hearts, battered hopes and broken dreams, first breaths and last ones. I hope they’re out there — EMTs of the spirit, a celestial SWAT team, a school of guardian angels.¬†There’s no one here on earth who couldn’t use one.

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  1. eas says:

    Nikki, Two days in a row the angels favored me. A neighbor asked how I was (unusual), and today at the Chinese buffet people talked to me, a loner. Quite nice.

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