A Long Winter’s Nap

November 13th, 2008

I love the orange-flavored sunsets of winter, but not the shorter days and cold mornings. Driving home from work in the dark, I start to crave tacos and chili, cornbread and collard greens, apple pie with ice cream, beef stew or anything cooked in a crockpot (and I don’t even own one!). What I really crave with the onset of winter and the bleak prospect of a recession is the comfort of a tribe. I want to retreat to a cave and build a fire to keep sabre-tooth tigers at bay while my tribe cooks something on a spit and fat drips and sizzles in the flames. Afterward we might draw pictures on the cave wall or wrap up in bear skins and smoke wacky tobaccy while someone plays a flute. I want to go to sleep comforted by my family and friends gathered around me for safety in numbers, because the numbers that comforted us with the illusion of security–a rising Dow, low interest rates, high returns, 401Ks, annual raises–are gone. Can’t we just hibernate for awhile?

3 Responses to “A Long Winter’s Nap”

  1. ida b. says:

    The Erik Satie song on your playlist makes me think of a achingly beautiful but shattered love affair. What does it evoke for you?

  2. frida says:

    It makes me think of slow dropping rain on an autumn night, bare tree branches, the conversation you have with your soul late at night all alone.

  3. nativekee says:

    i want to wait out the winter in that fire in a cave with the comfort of loved ones… i'll bring a few things to make & busy my hands a pass those around… love the winter meals + cozy feelings!