Signs of Love

September 15th, 2010

This graffito was chalked on the wall of a parking lot by my office — street art that will be washed away in the next rain. I’ve been having an email dialogue with an old friend about the nature of love. ┬áHe’s still looking for that one soul mate, while I believe I’ve had too many. His romanticism makes me feel jaded, while my distance makes him wonder what happened to the teenager he fell in love with. He believes in Forever, but For Awhile has always been my experience. I don’t think one of us is any happier than the other, but he might be more hopeful, and since men have a much easier time dating as they grow older, he probably has more grounds for optimism in that area. But little signs like this one give me a different kind of hope–that in a world where hate, meanness and bigotry seem to be on the rise, someone is out there drawing pink hearts in public.

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  1. I feel very jaded about romantic love, and I don’t believe in soul mates. Romance is a drug and long-term relationships can feel like one long compromise in the name of partnership. But yes, there is an appeal to having someone willing to compromise for you, with you.

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