Tina Tarnoff of Thought Patterns (love her papercuts!) tagged me, and I feel like one of the popular girls at school…even though I’m still not completely sure what being tagged means in blogworld. But the task is to make a list (one of my favorite forms of writing) of 6 (un)important things I love:
1. when dogs smile because I wonder what they’re thinking (“…can’t wait to roll in that dead bird I found behind the house. I’ll pretend to be asleep in the sun til she turns her back and then I’ll make a dash for it before she catches me.”)
2. online coupons from Barnes & Noble…so many more during this recession!
3. Turning the sprinkler on my plants and watching the birds that come to take a shower and dart in and out of the spray. 
4. a plethora of pillows on my bed
5. the perfect shape and subtle scent of Crabtree & Evelyn avocado soap– I stockpile it in case they discontinue it.
6. getting home just before a thunderstorm breaks and feeling safe and snug in the midst of the sturm und drang.  

5 Responses to “6 (Un)important Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Compost Studios says:

    1. When I’m sleeping on my side and my cat Pete comes into my bed and curls up against my belly and purrs.

    2. When fog gathers in the woods surrounding my house.

    3. My bathrobe makes me ridiculously happy. Is bathrobe worship wrong?

    4. All the possibilities in an arts and crafts store

    5. My daughter’s hair

    6. A bowl of really good chicken soup.


  2. Allegra Smith says:

    1: violets and lilies of the valley blooming at once for the first time in my garden,

    2:McKenzie and Aliah snuggled in bed with me, their faces right by my body,their tails relaxed, giving me complete trust and then some.

    3: Getting a bloom out of Companion of Serenity after five years of waiting.

    4: a call from a friend who said
    “you are truly the only one who could understand this” even if I suspect I truly don’t.

    5: a perfect latte in bed when I am still half asleep.

    6: finding an old photograph I though it was lost forever.

  3. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I Love your list – especially the last one! And I’m so happy you like my papercuts! xoxo

  4. frida says:

    Love these lists…I guess we should make them more often in our lives.

  5. Lara Harris says:

    It is the simple things in life that are truly the sweetest indeed!:o)