5 Notes to Self

March 28th, 2010

1. Cut back on my addiction to outcomes. I’m always jumping ahead to the finished product and finding it inadequate, so I’m going to make something I intend to throw away instead of something that needs to prove how “good” I am.

2. Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier every day this week, not because of any Puritan work ethic, but because I’m addicted to the Snooze button. And when I finally give in to getting up, I start the day like in a snarly she-wolf frame of mind because I’m already late for whatever.

3. Take a photo every day. Stop waiting for the perfect cloud or magic light or clever composition to shoot, and just take a shot.

4. Listen with my inner ear instead of half attending to what people are saying. This is so hard for me, and yet it’s the very thing I want from others.

5. Stop buying things I think I should eat or might eat, like chard and edamame, that end up going to waste in my refrigerator.

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  1. Notes to Self

    1. Do yoga every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. It is necessary. It is the best way to regain strength and height and it is kind to your back and your joints.

    2. Make that eye appointment and go get new glasses. How long have you been putting this off? Wait til you see what you’re not seeing–you’ll be shocked.

    3. Don’t give up on the art. Keep going. Keep working on figuring it out. The surest way to fail is not to try.

    4. Cook something different for dinner.

    5. Take yourself out to lunch. You need to get out more.

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