June 15th, 2013

web heaven poster

Sometimes things you drag your feet on turn out to be heaven-sent. I was excited to sign up for a day-long iPhonography workshop a few weeks ago, but when I woke up this morning, I had a sinus headache and an insomnia hangover. I wanted to roll over and put a pillow over my head, but I got myself together and showed up, and it was a brain-dazzling day. The visiting teacher was amazing and inspiring,  and I learned so much that I felt like it would all pour out if I tipped my head slightly. As I get older, it’s a challenge to keep challenging myself, especially since I get bored easily and tend to give  up on something if I don’t master it quickly. I may never master taking photos with my iPhone and that excites me instead of defeating me. Even though my primary skill is writing, I love switching gears and focusing on the visual arts.  Gouache, oil painting, linoleum block prints and photography (even creating simple little posters like the one above) all bypass my brain and make a beeline for my senses. It’s easier for me to get into a flow zone when I’m doing something with my hands and eyes than it is when I’m writing because for me, writing is struggle and pain and constant self-doubt. I can’t not do it, but I rarely can forget my Self long enough to take joy in it.  My identity is all tied up with writing, but that’s not the case with art. Vanity doesn’t come into play and curiosity is free to come out and play.  It didn’t matter if my photos were not as good as the others in the class because I was so absorbed in doing and making. As I drove home, I got stuck in beach traffic and glanced up to see a colorful but simple kite flying against the intense blue sky. I took a photo in my mind and thought, “This is heaven.”

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